Whether you plan to sell or stay in your house, the bi-folding door with double glazing can quickly increase the value of your house instantly. Your house will receive a design update and give new look to your home.

It’s an easy way to modernise your home. A new extension can be more useful if aluminium bi-fold doors with double glazing are installed. These doors require no additional space to be installed.

During summer, these doors can be easily bi-fold and can enhance the view from your house and can increase the summer air flow and sunlight into the house.

There are different colours available and the colours in trend these days are: Grey and Black aluminium bi-folding doors with double glazing clear glass.

Recently, Southall Windows has installed (in a newly extended property ) a 10panel Grey on white aluminium bi-folding door with double glazing glass in Chertsey ( Surrey).

As you can see in the picture that the property is undergoing in major extension and the installation of this beautiful aluminium panel door will not only increase the view and beauty of the house but also the value of the property.

Aluminium-bifold-Chertsey Surrey white on Grey




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