Bifold doors are ideal when you are thinking about creating moor room into your existing space or when you are thinking of creating a clear opening on two sides of a room.


bifold doors design Southall Windows


At Southall Windows, we can create a range of configurations, various colours and various configurations and styles of the bifold which will fit your and your family need.

You can choose how many panels you need into your bifold door. The number of panel will depend on the space available where you are willing to fit your new bifold door.

Bifold doors are available from 2 panels to 6 panels and can be added more if required more. The minimum number of panels is 2 to 3.


2 Panels bifold door

These kind of bifold doors are ideal in case you have a very small space because of your existing house and if you are replacing existing two pane French or patio door.

The 2 panels billfold door consist of two panels that open in a sliding action in one direction.


2 panel bifold door Southall windows

3 Panels Bifold doors

These 3 panel bifolding doors are available in 2 different style or configurations.  All 3 panels doors can either all slide in one direction or you can have one door hinged as an access leaf.



In case you will use your bifold doors for regular access into the garden an access leaf is useful because it enables you to only open one swinging leaf without having to slide all the 3 doors.


4 panel bifolding door

A 4 panel bifolding doors are generally available in three different configurations:



All panels can slide back in one direction in the same way as two or three panel doors.

A very popular style with four pane bifolding doors is the “French Door” type. In this case centre two doors can open swing open like hinged doors. This combination of door opening is useful where you can still use the doors like traditional French Doors for when the weather is not that warm.  On warmer days, the middle leaves open like hinged French Doors.


5 Panel Bifolding Doors

Three different options of opening styles are available on five pane bifolding doors.  All the leaves can be slid back.

You can either choose to slide all the panel in one side. Or you choose to split the section in 2. One side can slide is in one direction and the other can slide in the opposite direction.

Additionally You can leave one panel fix and slide all the others.


6 or more Panel Bifolding Doors

The same configuration as four-panel doors is available for six-panel doors but with an extra pane at each end.

So for panels more than six you can choose a combination of styles.

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