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Composite doors Vs uPVc doors

composite vs upvc doors


uPVC doors are very popular to date and can still be found in millions of houses throughout the UK.  They are made of unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, which is the full name of uPVC. It is a type of plastic that’s tough and hasn’t had any additives inserted when manufactured. These doors are made of plastic, that is the reason they have a low-price tag.

The composite doors are made from a mix of different materials that are glued tightly together to provide superior strength. Composite doors are denser compared to the uPVC doors. These composite doors are expensive than the uPVC doors because of their strength and thermal efficiently.

At Southall Windows we provide a wide range of composite doors and designs  and upvc doors and designs too. Click on this link for Composite doors and click on this link for uPVC doors.


Composite door Vs Timber door

Timber is not very much in fashion these days because of their price. Timber is strong, secure, and environmentally friendly. With proper maintenance will last longer than uPVC, aluminium, or composite doors. On the other hand, they tend to expand and contract over time, and to shrink or swell in dry or humid conditions. They require a lot of maintenance work, and need to be painted every few years.

On the other hand Composite doors are very strong and secure and they are not required a lot of maintenance. From outside they just look like the timber doors. They are less expensive than the timber doors.


What to choose Composite doors or uPVC?

Both the doors have cons and pros. Although uPVC doors are very safe and secure, but composite doors provide the highest level of security.

The main difference would be the price difference because both the doors have their own roles to play and they are made of different materials.

At Southall Windows we suggest the main front door as Composite door as they are very stylish and thermal efficient. They can both fit in a modern and a classic homes.


Composite doors Energy efficient weather proof

Composite doors are the main choice of homeowners as their front main doors. If you’re looking for front doors, composite is the way to go.

Composite doors are designed to retain heat, eliminate draughts and keep your home protected from the weather.

The composite door at Southall Windows are very energy efficient weatherproof seals.


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Composite doors how to choose – Southall Windows

This guide from Southall Windows can make it easy for you to choose a right type of composite doors for you. Please visit our page for the composite doors designs. 

The front door play a very important practical role. Your front door forms a very critical part of your over all home style and it is a point at which you welcome visitors.


The front door of your house must be strong and safe, but it also influences the first impressions and initial kerb appeal of your home. In this guide we will mainly discuss about the composite doors as the main front door of your home.


What is a composite door ?

Composite doors are named because they’re made from more than one material.

These doors are built to high standards of quality and security. These doors are very competitive and compromise between style, strength and price.

A composite door is designed to appear as a wooden door, with an attractive wood grain, bit it is made of a material used which normally doesn’t fade easily and quickly.

Composite doors are well-designed modern doors made from several materials. Their superior quality sets a new high standard within the door industry.

What a composite door made of ?

Composite doors are made of a variety of materials, each chosen for its specific benefit, combined to result in one of the strongest doors on the market with competitive price. Pressed and glued together under high-pressure conditions, composite doors are made of different type of material put together into one door.

Rather than using the Upvc or solid timber, these composite doors are made of GRP or fibreglass. They are built with foal-filled core to ensure excellent thermal efficiency. It also keeps your door light and strong.


Why Choose a Composite Front Door?

Composite front doors are designed to give an appearance similar to a wood door with a performance more like aluminium. They require a very little maintenance and offer good thermal efficiency.

Composite doors are most commonly made from glass reinforced fibre (GRP) and they tend to be 44mm thick and have either a hard foam insulating core reinforced with steel, or a solid timber core.

Composite doors offer amazing performance at a very reasonable price. They are much stronger than even solid wooden doors .

They are also excellent at keeping the wind and rain out. Another major advantage is its security performance.


composite doors designs southall windows

Bespoke design

Custom design your new composite door, with a range of stunning designs of your choice. You can choose the glass in your door as you like and you can choose the hardware style and colour according to your needs.

A beautiful range of contemporary colours, including a dual colour option with white inside and black on the exterior, in-keeping with both the character of your property and inside décor.


Thermal efficiency

These composite doors are very energy-efficient. They are highly resistant to weathering. They keep winter and rain out.

The composite doors at Southall Windows  are fitted with energy-efficient double glazing or triple glazing and toughened safety glass as standard. You can also choose from different glass types including decorative and obscure.


Safe and secure

These doors are very solid and robust. The composite doors are able to withstand any knocks and bumps. They are more secure than a traditional timber door.



AluK Bifolding Doors – Southall Windows

AluK is a leader in the design and manufacture of aluminium sliding and folding doors, delivering outstanding reliability, performance and design every time. At Southall Windows we provide various style of AL UK bifold doors.



AluK bifolding doors are one of the most popular bifolding door products that we at Southall Windows have installed in homes in West London.

At Southall Windows we provide stylish but practical bi-fold doors and they are built to your needs, offering you a bespoke solution every time, from the configuration of the doors to the handles, accessories and colour, making Southall Windows  bi-fold doors the perfect addition to your home.


Getting the Perfect Colour

You can personalise your bi-fold door to give a personal touch to your home, at Southall Windows we can fit your ALUK bi-fold doors in standard or bespoke colours. It doesn’t matter if your home is modern, traditional, period or heritage, you’ll find a colour which will suit your home style.

At Southall Windows, We also offer a dual colour option, which means you can choose a different colour for the inside and the outside of the door. You don’t need to  settle for a door that looks great on the outside but doesn’t match to your inside decorations.


bifold doors colours - Southall Windows

AluK bifolding door designs and features

AluK bifolding door have several designs and features that make it ideal for homes.

For the homeowner the AluK bifolding doors benefit from both a square or soft line profile on the outside meaning it can have either a flat contemporary look or a more traditional rounded appearance.


Southall Windows Aluminium doors Aluk

Secure and robust

A robust and strong bi-fold means that good hardware is essential for smooth operation and long term reliability.  AluK bifolding doors feature very high quality running gear and guide mechanisms at the top of the doors.  The bottom rollers consist of a set stainless steel wheels designed to give reliable trouble free operation.

High security comes as standard with multi point locking mechanisms, high quality door handles and certification under the Secured by Design Scheme. The high security glazing beads are internal and offer the glazing option of either 28mm double glazing right up to 44mm units to accommodate integral blinds within the glass.

Also threshold options are available. AluK bifolding doors also offer excellent thermal efficiency.


Bifold doors styles available – Southall Windows

Bifold doors are ideal when you are thinking about creating moor room into your existing space or when you are thinking of creating a clear opening on two sides of a room.


bifold doors design Southall Windows


At Southall Windows, we can create a range of configurations, various colours and various configurations and styles of the bifold which will fit your and your family need.

You can choose how many panels you need into your bifold door. The number of panel will depend on the space available where you are willing to fit your new bifold door.

Bifold doors are available from 2 panels to 6 panels and can be added more if required more. The minimum number of panels is 2 to 3.


2 Panels bifold door

These kind of bifold doors are ideal in case you have a very small space because of your existing house and if you are replacing existing two pane French or patio door.

The 2 panels billfold door consist of two panels that open in a sliding action in one direction.


2 panel bifold door Southall windows

3 Panels Bifold doors

These 3 panel bifolding doors are available in 2 different style or configurations.  All 3 panels doors can either all slide in one direction or you can have one door hinged as an access leaf.



In case you will use your bifold doors for regular access into the garden an access leaf is useful because it enables you to only open one swinging leaf without having to slide all the 3 doors.


4 panel bifolding door

A 4 panel bifolding doors are generally available in three different configurations:



All panels can slide back in one direction in the same way as two or three panel doors.

A very popular style with four pane bifolding doors is the “French Door” type. In this case centre two doors can open swing open like hinged doors. This combination of door opening is useful where you can still use the doors like traditional French Doors for when the weather is not that warm.  On warmer days, the middle leaves open like hinged French Doors.


5 Panel Bifolding Doors

Three different options of opening styles are available on five pane bifolding doors.  All the leaves can be slid back.

You can either choose to slide all the panel in one side. Or you choose to split the section in 2. One side can slide is in one direction and the other can slide in the opposite direction.

Additionally You can leave one panel fix and slide all the others.


6 or more Panel Bifolding Doors

The same configuration as four-panel doors is available for six-panel doors but with an extra pane at each end.

So for panels more than six you can choose a combination of styles.

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Bifold doors ultimate guide – Southall Windows

We are at Southall Windows believe that the Bi-fold doors are a very popular choice when you are looking to maximise space and light into your existing home or into your new extension. Continue to read through our bifold doors ultimate guide.


bifold doors - Southall Windows

The open-design of your bifold doors can literally open up an entire wall of glass, making a connection of your inside to you outside home. When the bifold doors are closed, the glass offers much bigger views in comparison to a standard window or a standard door.

In our opinion, in smaller properties, bi-folds will make your existing space larger than before in the back of your house because you can see beyond the bi-fold doors through glass.

Click here to look at the bifold doors offered by Southall Windows.

How do bifold door work?

Recently the Bifold doors have  become a favourite choice with UK homeowners. The bifold doors with large glass allow a lot of light to come into the space, while giving you unprecedented access to the outdoors. The bifold doors have evolved and so they have become more versatile and stronger over the years.

The bifold doors slide along on a runner and it is very easy to open and close an entire bi-fold door in few seconds and without any hassle.


                                                                           Watch our bifold doors design video                                                                               


Bifold doors Southall


Strong and Secure bifold door
The bifold doors have multi-point locks and are manufactured in various material such as in uPVC, timber or aluminium. However, at Southall Windows we always recommend Aluminium doors because of their strength and security and cost effectiveness.

They are made in different colour such as Grey, black, white and many more other colours. You can choose from a range of colours availability and dual colours inside/out.


bifold doors colours - Southall Windows

Why choose bifold doors?

Bifold doors fits in all type of house whether you have old space or new extension.  These doors have a great way to introduce large expanses of glass into a building. By installing bifold doors you’re simply opening up the back of the house, all that extra light can transform the feel of your home.
If desired you can choose different style of bifold doors. You can split the doors after one pane, and benefit from a single traffic door on one side. You also have the freedom to choose whether the doors stack inside or out.


How Bifold doors blend in?

If you are wondering if you have to have a new extension or a modern home to install the bifold door, but the good news is it is not necessary.

This combination of classic looks and contemporary glazing is an extremely popular way to modernise your home. If you prefer your bi-fold doors to blend in with the rest of the house, simply choose colour of the frames similar to the rest of the house.

Range of bifold doors offered by Southall Windows.



Southall Bi-folding Doors

Southall Bi-Folding Doors :- Southall Windows Ltd. Fitted 4 panel Aluminium Bi-folding Doors and Front Upvc Door with 2 side panels for one of our clients in Mill Hill, London.

Southall Bi-folding Doors

Southall Bi-folding Doors

Southall Bifolding doors are the best way to have extra open space in the back side of your house. We use AluK profile to make Bi-folding doors. AluK is a leader in the design and manufacture of aluminium sliding and bifolding doors.

We can provide you stylish and practical Bi-folding doors that are built using the best profile and offer a bespoke solution to add extra space in your home. You can also choose different colour options. We provide you complete range of handles and accessories for Southall Bi-folding doors.

To get Free quotation for your bi-folding doors please call our office 02037728709 or mobile 07384021806. Our aim is to give professional double glazing advice and execellent products. We provide very best A-rated double glazed and Triple glazed windows, Upvc panel doors, Composite doors, Bi-Folding Doors, Conservatories, Integral Blinds & Porches.

Contact number :- 07384021806

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Double glazing windows and doors Glass design

On Southall Windows double glazing blog we have talked about many types of glass used in the double glazing industry.

These glasses are standard glass, toughened glass, tempered, reflective glass and acoustic glass.

Some people want their house more decorative by installing double glazing windows and doors with decorations on it.

The decoration is mainly in between the double-glazed glass.

Here are some of the examples of installation done by Southall Windows.

Glass-design-Richmond-double glazing

We manufacture a variety of glass with different decorative patterns, texture, colour and opacity. Decorative glass in double glazing windows and door can make the house more beautiful and can increase the value of the house.

Decorative glass is widely used for style, beauty and elegance. It is used to add charm, modern look and originality to double glazing windows and doors.

We have installed the double-glazing windows doors with decorative glass in Richmond, Twickenham and Ealing area.

Southall Windows can offer a variety of designs to suit your style. We have only the availability of vast pre-built design to choose from.

Frosted glass – one side of the glass is frosted for privacy purposes. Mainly the bath windows and sometimes the porch windows and doors are made in frosted glass. But it is purely on the decoration of the client preference.

Here are the or designs and the privacy level:

obscure-frosted-glass-southall windows double glazing


Decorative glass  – a different type of decorative glass.

Richmond glass design double glazing




Double Glazing windows and doors Glass types

In the double-glazing industry, there are mainly two types of glass used: standard glass and toughened glass. The thickness of each glass in double glazing 4mm and total double-glazing unit thickness may vary up to 20mm including spacer etc.

The standard glass is widely used in double glazing unless it is a requirement by law or client’s preference to use a toughened glass. Standard glass is the cheapest option for double glazing units. It is quite strong and difficult to break. It is not recommended in the double-glazed units where the safety is required by law.

The second most used glass in double-glazing is called toughened glass. It is more expensive and tougher than the standard glass. The main difference between these 2 glasses is how they break.

The toughened glass shattered into small pieces, so it doesn’t cause injuries when it breaks. Due to these extra safety features, it is more expensive than the standard glass.

The third type of glass used is tempered glass. It provides more security when it breaks. It is called laminated glass as well. When the glass breaks it remains in the shape because of the way it is made. It doesn’t fall. It is more secure and very tough to break.

The way each of the glass breaks:

Southall Windows types of glass standard toughened and tempered

Other glass options in double glazing windows and doors:

Reflective glass: This glass called coated glass as well. It is a very good tool for those who want to have more privacy and natural light at the same time. As the name suggests it is not possible to see through from the outside where the coat is applied.

It is widely used in the houses on the main road with a high footfall. They work like a mirror from the outside.

Self-cleaning glass – cleaning full house windows and doors can be very time-consuming. On the upper floors, it is hard to reach some areas, such as glass roofs and conservatories can be very hard if not dangerous.

The new technology of self-cleaning glass can sort out all these cleaning issues and can make life easier. The self-cleaning glass needs low maintenance.

Acoustic glass (noise reduction)- The acoustic glass considerably reduces outside noise. This type of glass is installed near airport areas and motorways areas. #

The areas such as Heathrow, Hounslow, Feltham are near to airports and areas such as Wembley, Richmond which are very close to big motorways have high levels of noise.

#Project : Aluminium bi-folding door grey installed in Chertsey ( Surrey)

Whether you plan to sell or stay in your house, the bi-folding door with double glazing can quickly increase the value of your house instantly. Your house will receive a design update and give new look to your home.

It’s an easy way to modernise your home. A new extension can be more useful if aluminium bi-fold doors with double glazing are installed. These doors require no additional space to be installed.

During summer, these doors can be easily bi-fold and can enhance the view from your house and can increase the summer air flow and sunlight into the house.

There are different colours available and the colours in trend these days are: Grey and Black aluminium bi-folding doors with double glazing clear glass.

Recently, Southall Windows has installed (in a newly extended property ) a 10panel Grey on white aluminium bi-folding door with double glazing glass in Chertsey ( Surrey).

As you can see in the picture that the property is undergoing in major extension and the installation of this beautiful aluminium panel door will not only increase the view and beauty of the house but also the value of the property.

Aluminium-bifold-Chertsey Surrey white on Grey




#Project : installation of Upvc double glazed Porch in Harrow

The homeowner can add a small functional double glazed porch in front of their house with a little cost and it will hugely increase the value of the house. 

The most important thing is that there is no need for planning permission from the council for most of the porches if they are built within the permitted dimension limit which can be checked with the local council.

The main benefits of having a porch are :

  • add extra space: obviously creating an extra space would be the single biggest benefit of having installed a double glazed uPVC porch with a composite door. It can add extra hanging space for coats, shoes and can keep the dirt outside the house. It can create more space for storage.

  • extra security: security is the second most important factor to have a solid double glazed porch with a solid composite door. It can create an extra barrier between your home and the outside. Check our composite door to find out more secure composite doors.  

Recently Southall Windows have installed an Upvc double glazing porch with a very traditional contemporary composite door with very traditional glass design in Harrow. 


double glazing upvc white porch with composite door


The main features of the composite doors are :

  1. Choose the design and colour:

composite-doors-red-poppy-color with upvc porch


2. choose glass design




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