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3) Frequently asked question number Three :- How much do you charge for double composite door, what are the normal single composite door prices?

My Answer :- The composite doors in different colors are becoming very popular these days. As you know the composite doors are replacing the old boring white upvc panel doors. But how much should you pay for the composite door?

The price of a single composite door depends a lot on the quality. A high-quality composite door will always be more expensive than the low-quality composite door. The price for the single composite door is between £900/- and £1200/- supply & Fitted, depending on the quality, color and glass design. The double composite door can cost you between £2000/- to £2500/- supply and fit with 10 years guarantee.

Please contact Southall Windows to get Free composite door prices. We are the composite doors manufacturers and composite doors suppliers in West London, Middlesex, Southall. Some of out most selling doors are Grey Composite door, Black Composite door and White Composite door. There are different composite door colour and designs available.


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