Composite Doors Southall

How much do you charge for the Composite doors Southall ?

The composite doors in different colors are becoming very popular these days. As you know the composite doors are replacing the old boring white upvc panel doors. But how much should you pay for the composite door?

The price of a composite door depends a lot on the quality. As you know the high-quality composite door will always be more expensive than the low-quality composite door. You should pay for the single composite door between £900/- and £1200/- supply & Fitted, depending on the quality, color and glass design.

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Why I should buy Composite Doors Southall compare to Upvc Panel door?

My Answer is – Don’t Compromise on Upvc Panel Doors, go for Solid Composite Door

I don’t believe in compromising on quality. I advise you to buy Composite door for your Front door that is made of very strong material. The composite doors are also weather resistant and easily maintained.

Our composite door is not only 44mm thick compare to PVC panel door that is 28mm thick but it’s super strong structural frame and solid hardware makes it even more secure.

Composite doors southall 2

Composite doors southall 2


How Secure are the Composite doors Southall?

More than 70% of household break ins commonly accur through the front door. I would highly recommend you to replace your existing Upvc Panel door with Highly Secure Composite door that is also more energy efficient that Upvc panel door.

The Lifespan of the composite door is around 30-35 years compare to Upvc front door that has lifespan of around 10-15.

Composite doors southall 3

Composite doors southall 3

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