Composite doors Vs uPVc doors

composite vs upvc doors


uPVC doors are very popular to date and can still be found in millions of houses throughout the UK.  They are made of unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, which is the full name of uPVC. It is a type of plastic that’s tough and hasn’t had any additives inserted when manufactured. These doors are made of plastic, that is the reason they have a low-price tag.

The composite doors are made from a mix of different materials that are glued tightly together to provide superior strength. Composite doors are denser compared to the uPVC doors. These composite doors are expensive than the uPVC doors because of their strength and thermal efficiently.

At Southall Windows we provide a wide range of composite doors and designs  and upvc doors and designs too. Click on this link for Composite doors and click on this link for uPVC doors.


Composite door Vs Timber door

Timber is not very much in fashion these days because of their price. Timber is strong, secure, and environmentally friendly. With proper maintenance will last longer than uPVC, aluminium, or composite doors. On the other hand, they tend to expand and contract over time, and to shrink or swell in dry or humid conditions. They require a lot of maintenance work, and need to be painted every few years.

On the other hand Composite doors are very strong and secure and they are not required a lot of maintenance. From outside they just look like the timber doors. They are less expensive than the timber doors.


What to choose Composite doors or uPVC?

Both the doors have cons and pros. Although uPVC doors are very safe and secure, but composite doors provide the highest level of security.

The main difference would be the price difference because both the doors have their own roles to play and they are made of different materials.

At Southall Windows we suggest the main front door as Composite door as they are very stylish and thermal efficient. They can both fit in a modern and a classic homes.


Composite doors Energy efficient weather proof

Composite doors are the main choice of homeowners as their front main doors. If you’re looking for front doors, composite is the way to go.

Composite doors are designed to retain heat, eliminate draughts and keep your home protected from the weather.

The composite door at Southall Windows are very energy efficient weatherproof seals.


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