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2. Frequently Asked Question Number Two :- My glass is broken, could you please explain me how can I Replace my Broken window Glass?

My Answer:- If your Glass is broken then you have to follow these following steps to replace the glass of your windows.

  1. We all know that Double Glaze unit consists of 2 glass panes.
  2. It is very important to measure the existing glass unit properly by taking the Bead to Bead Measurements.
  3. When ordering the glass always give the Width first and then the Height.
  4. You need to check also the thickness of the glass unit.

If you need any help to replace your glass please don’t hesitate to call Southall Windows and we will expain you how to replace the glass of your existing window or door. You can also get a double glazing quote to replace the whole window. We can give you free double glazing quote.  

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