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    The Most Popular Double Glazing Upvc Windows in Southall, West London

    • We offer you made to measure Rehau double glazing upvc windows in Southall (A Company you can Trust) Rehau was established in 1948 and today it is established in more than 170 countries.
    • All our upvc windows are measured accurately by qualified surveyor. We manufacture and install Upvc double glazing windows in Southall, West London. 
    • We are Certass Registered Installer and our Reg. Number is 21-1028 that means all our windows are installed by qualified fitters following UK building rules and regulations. 
    • Our upvc windows are highly Energy-Efficient beacuse we use Planitherm glass which help in reducing heat loss and to maintain a warm indoor temperature for you to enjoy. “Choosing the right glass for your windows can make a huge difference to how they perform and how your home feels.” 
    • Our upvc windows are fully reinforced and highly durable and resistant to rot, corrison, warp, fade or crack over time.
    • Upvc windows are very easy to clean and do not require painting. You can simply clean these upvc windows with mild liquid soap and water. 
    • Our upvc windows will also help you to cut down external noise beacuse our windows are Sound proof. 
    • Our upvc windows are available in different colours and designs. 
    • Our upvc windows are designed with multi point Yale locking system that is one of the oldest and most popular locking system. These locks provide extra safety and security against any kind of break-in. 
    • We also install toughened glass wherever it is required by the UK building regulations that states it is required in the window that it falls below 800mm from the finished floor level and any section of a door or window located within 300mm either side of a door. 
    • All our upvc windows comes Child-locks and Airvents. We also install Fire-escape 90 degree hinges to meet UK Building Regulations that states all habitable rooms (not kitchens or bathrooms) must be fitted with fire escape hinges. 
    • We will also take away your old windows and doors so you don’t need to worry about them. 
    • At the completion of the your upvc windows intallation we will provide you 10 Years Guarantee Certificate that certify that all your upvc windows and doors are installed according to the UK Building Standards. 
    Lead Design Windows 2023

    uPVC Windows

    Our uPVC windows are durable, very stylish and low-maintenance windows. Our uPVC are available in various colours and designs.Each window is made to order to keep your home safe , energy efficient and sound proof. Upvc windows are most popular choice of our existing customers. At Southall Windows we have different styles to choose from. The openings of every window can be customise. Our uPVC windows will make your house a perfect stylish home.

    aluminium windows double glazing southall windows 2

    Aluminium Windows

    At Southall windows each aluminium window is fully customise from colour to design of the windows and the glass. We have a wide rage of designs to choose from. These windows give extra security to your home. We fit our aluminium windows with a multi-point locking mechanism. At Southall windows we offer dual color options like white internal and Grey external. We can customise these windows with designs in glass like Georgian design in glass to give classy look to your home.

    Double Glazing Upvc Windows in Southall / Double Glazing Aluminium Windows in Southall

    • Aluminium windows and Upvc windows : These are 2 most popular choices available in the market when you want to replace your existing old windows. As mentioned by the names, Upvc windows are made from a kind of Upvc plastic while Aluminium windows are made from solid aluminium metal. We have both these versions available for you in different colours, finishes and designs. 
    • Upvc windows are more popular in our customers because of its cost compare to Aluminium windows. On average Aluminium windows are 3 times more expensive than Upvc windows.
    • But Aluminium windows have better and modern look. Aluminium windows are available in slim profile, allowing larger glass sizes and maximum natural sun light. 
    • Aluminium windows are also stronger than upvc windows and provide enhanced security against break-ins and intrusions.
    • On the other hand, Upvc windows are maintenance free while Aluminium windows needs regular maintenance like paniting and lubricating. 
    • Upvc windows are recyclable have lower carbon footprints that is also one of the reasons that Upvc are more affordable and popular choice among homeowners with limited budgets. 
    • For Aluminium windows and bifold doors, we have 2 different profiles Cortizo and Smart, both are eqally good and their price is also same, So you can choose any of these two. 


    Double Glazing Upvc Windows in Southall / Our latest windows installations

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    A Rated Double Glazing Windows

    Southall windows double glazing install Feltham

    Southall windows can install your new windows and doors and offer you best double glazing deals. Our A rated Double Glazed windows are made of 2 panes of high energy efficient glass (4mm thick each) that are separated with 20mmWarm-Edge spacer bar that is filled with dessicant whose primary role is to absorb all the moisture.

    We can also provide you triple glazed windows, triple glazed doors & triple glazed patio doors. The triple glzed windows price is around 20% more than double glazed windows.

    Best Double Glazing Deals in Southall

    West Hill Wembley HA9 9RS

    We are one of the best double glazing manufacturers of west London, that is the reason we can give you many upvc window offers and free window quotes. All double glazing southall windows are made with shootbolt locking system and we also recommend dummies or “equal sight-line” Especially when you buy new upvc windows with Georgian or lead design, we recommend you to buy dummy windows so that from outside, your windows will look symmetric & secure. We don’t sell cheap upvc windows and doors.

    We are one of the best double glazing companies of West London, You can search double glazing near me if you require replacing windows or you want quotation for a rated double glazing windows. We can also provide you double glazed sash windows price. Sash double glazing is very rare but we can provide you good value for your money when you buy double glazed sash windows.

    Best Double Glazing Upvc Windows Company in Southall

    Southall Train Station

    Southall Windows is one of the West London’s fastest growing double glazing manufacturers and installers of high-quality upvc windows, composite doors, upvc doors, aluminium bifold doors, aluminium windows, aluminium front door, upvc french doors, roof lanterns and integral blinds with over 10+ years experience. Our aim is to give you professional advice and execellent products.

    For more than 10 years, we are trusted by customers like you for their Upvc windows, Composite doors and Bi fold doors. We provide you Rehau double glazed windows and upvc doors with Yale locks and highly energy efficient Planitherm Glass. We also supply and fit solid Composite doors, Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors, roof lanterns, Integral Blinds & Porches. We work hard to make sure that we provide you more than what we promise.

    We Trust in our products that’s why we give you 10 Years Insurance backed Guarantee. We offer you innovative and effective solutions for upvc windows with most energy efficient products that control energy costs and make your home sound proof. We serve in Southall, Hayes, Hounslow, Uxbridge, Ruislip, Greenford, Wembley, Harrow, West London.

    Our Guarantee to give you full peace of mind

    We provide you very best A-rated double glazed and Triple glazed windows, doors & conservatories we make sure that we provide you more than what we promise. We buy materials that are only of highest qaulity from well-established suppliers to give you 10 years guarantee.

    Our Latest Customers 5 Star Reviews about Southall Windows Ltd.

    Certass Certified Southall Windows

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    We offer you personalised double glaze/triple glaze upvc windows and upvc doors. To provide you an accurate quote, we will call you to book a non obbligation appointment to measure your windows properly. Please fill up this form and we will call you shortly.

      You should choose us to replace Double Glazing Upvc Windows

      We are a family run double glazing manufacturer and installer with over 10 years experience. We deliver Highly energy efficient double glazing upvc windows in Southall, upvc doors, double glazing and triple glazing, composite doors, bifold doors, aluminium windows, aluminium front door, roof lanterns and integral blinds. Our products are fully secured for you with multi point locking system especially windows and Bi-folding doors. We offer you easy clean hinges, shootbolts, air vents, child locks, Argon gas filled glass and fully reinforced windows according to your requirements. We have hundreds of happy customers online and offline. Please check our Facebook and Instagram pages as well.

      Protect your home against unwanted intruders, Buy Rehau Upvc Windows, Solid Composite doors, Aluminium Bi Folding doors. 

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      Company Name : Southall Windows Ltd.
      Address : 1 High Street, Southall, UB1 3HA
      Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday between 9am and 6pm
      Office contact number : 02037728709
      Mobile number : 07384021806
      Email :

      There is no Double Glazing  job too far… 

      although, we are based in Southall, we don’t hesitate to travel upto 10 miles all around Southall to help our cutomers in need of high-quality double glazing with affordable prices. However below are some of the areas where we get most of our customers, Hayes, West Drayton, Uxbridge, Slough, Harrow, Northolt, Ruislip, Greenford, Wembley, Twickenham, Perivale, Ealing, Hanwell, Feltham & Hounslow etc. 

      Frequently Asked Questions about Double Glazing Upvc Windows in Southall

      Do you sell Triple glazing and Soundproof windows?

      Yes, we supply and fit double glazing, Triple Glazing and soundproof (Acoustic Glass) windows.

      Do you sell doors as well?

      Yes, we supply and fit upvc doors, composite doors, aluminium front doors, upvc french doors, upvc sliding patio doors, upvc stable doors and aluminium bifold doors etc.

      Do you sell windows and doors supply only?

      No, We don’t sell supply only windows and door. We do supply and fit.

      How much does a Upvc double glazed window cost?

      The cost of window depends on the size and openings of the window. Just to give you an idea, normally the cost of each upvc window can vary between £300 to £500 supply and fit.

      How much does a Upvc double glazed door cost?

      The estimated cost of front upvc door is £750 and back upvc door price is £550 supply and fit.

      Do you repair upvc windows and upvc doors?

      No sorry, we don’t repair windows and doors. We provide repair services only to our existing customers.

      How much does a composite door and Bifold door cost?

      The price for composite door starts from £950 to £1650 depending on the design and colour of the composite door. The price of bifold door is around £900 per panel supply and fit.

      Are you Fensa/Certass registered company?

      Yes we are Fensa/Certass registered company and our Certass reg. no. is 21-1028.

      Do you provide Insurance backed guarantee for double glazed windows and doors?

      Yes, we provide you 10 years Insurance backed guarantee.

      Do you sell cheap upvc windows?

      We provide you best quality Rehau windows with Yale hardware at very competitive prices. We don’t sell cheap windows because we don’t want to get any complaints from our customers. We keep improving our products and services.

      How far do you serve from Southall?

      We serve within 10 miles around Southall. Some of our most popular areas are Southall, Hayes, West Drayton, Uxbridge, Greenford, Harrow, Wembley, Ealing, and Slough.

      What is your lead time and payments terms?

      Our lead time to supply and fit windows and doors is 2-4 weeks once you place the order. You need to pay 25% deposit and the balance you can pay on the installation.

      What colour double glazed windows and doors do you supply and fit?

      We supply and fit different standard colour, for example White windows, Black windows, Rosewood, Oak, Anthracite Grey and Cream colour.

      What is the price difference between Upvc windows and aluminium windows?

      Upvc windows are the most popular choice among our customers because the aluminium windows are roughly 3 times more expensive than upvc windows.

      Do you supply and fit windows and doors with Intergal Blinds?

      Yes we supply and fit windows and doors with integral blinds.  Please call now our office to get free Quotation :- 02037728709 Whatsapp :- 07384021806 or send us an Email :-


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