On Southall Windows double glazing blog we have talked about many types of glass used in the double glazing industry.

These glasses are standard glass, toughened glass, tempered, reflective glass and acoustic glass.

Some people want their house more decorative by installing double glazing windows and doors with decorations on it.

The decoration is mainly in between the double-glazed glass.

Here are some of the examples of installation done by Southall Windows.

Glass-design-Richmond-double glazing

We manufacture a variety of glass with different decorative patterns, texture, colour and opacity. Decorative glass in double glazing windows and door can make the house more beautiful and can increase the value of the house.

Decorative glass is widely used for style, beauty and elegance. It is used to add charm, modern look and originality to double glazing windows and doors.

We have installed the double-glazing windows doors with decorative glass in Richmond, Twickenham and Ealing area.

Southall Windows can offer a variety of designs to suit your style. We have only the availability of vast pre-built design to choose from.

Frosted glass – one side of the glass is frosted for privacy purposes. Mainly the bath windows and sometimes the porch windows and doors are made in frosted glass. But it is purely on the decoration of the client preference.

Here are the or designs and the privacy level:

obscure-frosted-glass-southall windows double glazing


Decorative glass  – a different type of decorative glass.

Richmond glass design double glazing




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