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16) Frequently Asked Question number Sixteen,  Why do I get condensation in my windows?

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If you are having condensation in your double glazing windows, it means your double glazing windows need to be replaced. Condensation is perhaps the most common form of damp that you can see in your home. It can cause structural damage to your property including wallpaper to peel away, damp patches to appear on walls and a build up of moisture, which causes streaming windows.

Your only solution to the condensation is to replace the existing double glazing windows with new A rated Southall double glazing energy efficient windows. These windows are made with warm edge spacer bar and trickle vents fitted to ensure that you get adeguate flow of the air in your room. If you don’t want to replace your¬†existing double glazing windows and you still want to reduce the condestaion then follow these tips:-

1) You should try to dry your clothes outside.
2) Whenever you are cocking food make sure the kitchen window is widely opened.
3) You should male sure that the window near the washing machine is opened while the washing machine is running.
4) Bath window is opened after taking the shower.
5) You should not overfill your rooms with unwanted stuff.
6) Make sure you have a window slightly opened while sitting in the living room and especially when heating is on.

If you need any more help reagrding Southall double glazing windows repair please don’t hesitate to contact us, Southall windows

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