The homeowner can add a small functional double glazed porch in front of their house with a little cost and it will hugely increase the value of the house. 

The most important thing is that there is no need for planning permission from the council for most of the porches if they are built within the permitted dimension limit which can be checked with the local council.

The main benefits of having a porch are :

  • add extra space: obviously creating an extra space would be the single biggest benefit of having installed a double glazed uPVC porch with a composite door. It can add extra hanging space for coats, shoes and can keep the dirt outside the house. It can create more space for storage.

  • extra security: security is the second most important factor to have a solid double glazed porch with a solid composite door. It can create an extra barrier between your home and the outside. Check our composite door to find out more secure composite doors.  

Recently Southall Windows have installed an Upvc double glazing porch with a very traditional contemporary composite door with very traditional glass design in Harrow. 


double glazing upvc white porch with composite door


The main features of the composite doors are :

  1. Choose the design and colour:

composite-doors-red-poppy-color with upvc porch


2. choose glass design




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